Foreign Academic Credentialing Tools & Services (FACTS), founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit, exists solely to assist internationally trained physical therapist who intend to practice in the United States of America.

FACTS is the solution for every single foreign-trained physical therapist who aspires to practice in the USA by providing them with the required information about the industrious process of become eligible for the National Physical Therapy (NPTE) exam, ethically validating the health care visa certificate (pending approval from USCIS) and increasing their possibility to be able to work as a PT in the USA.

FACTS delivers services which shall condense the stress on students, workers, and other candidates with various visa status` by not only optimally reducing the tedious process of evaluation when a candidate is unaware of the course of action required, but also aiming to keep services at least expenditure of time and investment for every individual candidate.

Executive Team

Ravneet Singh, PT

Chief Information Officer

Vrunda Kapadia, PT, MS

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Camilleri, M.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

President – Bhupinder Singh, PT, Ph.D.

Vice President – Amreen Kaur, PT, DPT

Treasurer – David Mendoza, CPA

Secretary – David Friedberg, PT, DPT

USCIS Liaison & Member at Large – Soo Yeon Sun, PT, Ph.D.

Created by Foreign-Trained PTs, for Foreign-Trained PTs

Many of the FACTS advisors know exactly what you’re going through, because they’ve gone through it themselves! This shows in the amazing reviews and testimonials we receive. Take a look by clicking below.

History of FACTS

Back in mid-September 2016, it was a chaotic and devastating evening for all foreign-trained physical therapists, when suddenly people started receiving their money back from the credential evaluation agencies due to the unexpected changes of rules and introduction of CWT6 which impacted a vast number of physical therapists all around the world that aspired to work in the USA. No one knew what was going to happen to their visa screen certificates, even the people who were preparing for October NPTE got distracted and their anxiety levels crossed the limits. Many dreams started shattering there and then.

While most of the foreign-trained PT’s were in shock and feeling doomed and helpless, volunteers from NPTE Final Frontier stepped forward and gathered their best associates to fight against the unfair monopoly event which affected everyone negatively. The FF team worked around the clock to find the basis of these transformations and its impact on individuals; the FF team was able to analyze the problem and interceded at their best.

FF team then took a step forward and confronted with the federal and the private evaluating agencies to allow some time to foreign PTs for the new rules. They were successfully able to buy some time for the candidates and restart the type one process until January 2017 and the implication of CWT6 got postponed until April 2017.

Since the rules have changed, NPTE Final Frontier volunteers have been trying to help all foreign-trained PT’s from all around the world who intend to practice in the USA through the help of a nonprofit page on Facebook by the name of FCCPT Rules and Updates, by guiding through the steps on the prerequisites for state boards and various questions and deficiencies related to CWT so as to be able to attain the credential evaluation without being oblivious and therefore, the candidates can save their money and valuable time so as to not miss the universities deadlines.

Volunteers spent endless hours with candidates to listen to their narrative and hurdles and how they got impacted overnight. After almost two years of unpredictability between the candidates and the various evaluation agencies for the accurate and timely information, key members of the NPTE Final Frontier team decided to come up with a better solution, and thus FACTS was born.

We at FACTS have a passionate team of professionals to fulfill our mission which includes tenured professors from US universities, DPT’s, foreign trained PT’s, and professionals

We believe that everyone deserves transparency between the states rules and credential evaluation process. FACTS focuses on bringing clarity to the candidates and assists them to achieve their goals to become a Licensed Physical Therapist in the United States.